VIP Dryer Vent Cleaning

We offer both Dryer Vent & Air duct Cleaning!

VIP Duct Cleaning in Texas is a professional Dryer vent cleaning company, with years of good reputation in the business. We service Residential, Commercial and Industrial locations! When you call us for a clogged Dryer vent, we ensure the removal of dangerous and problematic debris, lint, and obstructions from your dryer vent ducting. Our technicians clear the entire dryer vent line of clogs and blockages, not just entry and termination points. 

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Types of Dryer Vent Clogs:

The lint- trap in a dryer is designed to catch lint and clothing fibers during the drying cycle. However, after repeated use, a buildup of oils and residue can clog the lint trap screen, and simply removing the bulk of the lint is no longer completely effective. 

Lint is the most common and abundant form of debris we remove, but you might be surprised to learn what other types of debris can be found in your dryer vent. Our experts are fully and well trained in resolving any problem and dealing with all types of Dryer blockage, such as:


*Delicate fabrics & undergarments

*Dryer sheets

*Birds, rats, & other rodent nests & dwellings

*Construction debris from new home builds and/or remodeled areas.

How do I know if the Dryer vent is clogged?

VIP Duct Cleaning offers dryer lint screen, lint trap, and appliance cavity cleaning as part of our maintenance services. This small step will save energy, help your dryer work more efficiently, and minimize a fire hazard.

If you notice that the Dryer does not dry the clothes, and there is a need for more than one cycle or if it's shut down while working, there might be a blockage inside the Dryer vent duct. 

Our recommendation- DO NOT use the dryer before opening the obstruction. A blocked vent can be a huge fire hazard and can ruin your Dryer machine. 

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Energy Savings

Drying your clothes may be costing you more than you realize. If your dryer vent system isn’t functioning properly, or if it is clogged with excess lint or debris, you could be spending extra on utilities with every cycle.  

VIP Duct Cleaning professional dryer vent specialists repair, and cleaning your Dryer vent duct, and can save you $18 to $24 per month. 

With our newest Powerful Truck mounted machines, we clean the Dryer vent from inside and outside the house. Making sure there is no lint, debris or other blockage materials behind, so your Dryer can work at it's best. 

Professional dryer lint screen cleaning is a simple way to improve the efficiency and safety of your dryer. Schedule your dryer vent cleaning service today, with VIP Duct Cleaning and we'll perform our professional dryer lint screen cleaning service. 

The best way to prevent these issues is by having a professional dryer vent cleaning. Our dryer vent cleaning removes lint, debris, and clogs to ensure proper airflow. Our cleaning services not only protect you from hazards such as fire and carbon monoxide buildup, but also provide many added benefits such as energy savings, shorter drying cycles, less damage to clothing, and more.

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