VIP Commercial Cleaning

Your Business Is In Good Hands!

VIP Duct Cleaning of Texas is the best Air Duct Cleaning company to call if you own a business or an industrial property.

We offer a wide range of services for all kind of commercial properties. 

Why Us?

  • VIP Duct Cleaning has a lot of commercial properties in its resume, from Government properties   to complexes and small shops. 
  • VIP serviced thousands of happy and satisfied customer a year.
  • VIP accept Same- day appointments. 
  • VIP provides Sunday and after hours services.
  • VIP has more than 15 working teams in San Antonio and suburbs.

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We know how difficult it is to clean the Air duct system in a commercial building, how dirty it might get, and how dangerous it is to work with contaminated Air ducts. 

Vip Duct Cleaning of Texas has all the knowledge and the equipment to clean all types of Commercial and Industrial Vent system, with our highly trained and experienced specialists, your business is in good hands. 

Before calling, you can simply check Return grills and Air vents yourself. Look out for signs of mold growth or unreasonable dust and debris. Also, check if anything comes out of the vents when the system is running. 

When scheduling a Commercial Air Duct Cleaning appointment, first, our specialist will inspect the place, he will look inside the duct system and will seek for a build of dust and dirt that might be solidified inside.  After a full inspection, our technician will let you know what is the best treatment for the Air duct system.

Call now for scheduling a free site- estimate! (877) 319-0050

VIP Duct cleaning offers commercial cleaning services such as-

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning- With our newest and safety Commercial equipment, we are able to reach the highest duct in the property. After inspecting the Vent system, the team uses a powerful truck mounted machine with Rotor brush to remove all dirt and contaminates entirely from the Duct system, making the air in the facility fresh and clean. (For more Information Click Here)

Dryer Vent Cleaning- For dryer vent Commercial cleaning we use a specially designed Rotor brush, that goes all the way inside the Dryer Duct. it catches all the lint and debris from inside the Vent and removes it outside. That assures clean Dryer vent, that is no longer a fire hazard. (For more Information Click Here)


Commercial Attic Insulation- Our experts will bring all the equipment that is necessary for this process, after choosing the type of Insulation you need, and measuring the R-value that the Attic/ Walls are needed. (For more Information Click Here)

Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning- For that, we adjust the type of chemicals your tile require, then using a powerful truck-mounted machine with high pressure and steam to get the best results. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning-  The service Includes preconditioning, deodorizing, spot treatment, 212-degree steam cleaning, hot enough to kill any existing bacteria and/or microbes.

Commercial Electrostatic Filters- We really recommened adding Electrostatic filter to your system because they clean the air by using static electricity – a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon. We Custom made them for your home, they are washable and have a lifetime warranty.